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Online Slots Strategy Guide


Online slots are a popular game of choice for many online gamblers. Kiwi players in particular seem to have a soft spot for the pokies, and there are plenty of reasons for it. Pokies are more engaging and interactive than many other online casino games and will give you the kind of adrenaline rush other games may not.

The thrill of activating the Free Spins and Bonus Games or even hitting the massive Progressive Jackpots makes pokies one of the most exhilarating online gambling experiences. But the fact is, most people still lose at pokies over the long run and many lose quite a bit.

We want you to have fun and not just waste your cash, which is why we decided to bring you this guide to winning at slots with several slots strategies that will greatly enhance your chances of winning while playing online pokies for real money.

Winning At Slots

Winning at online slots is all about patience, a bit of strategy and the right slots choice. The online casinos win because there are so many inpatient players who will lose their entire bankroll no matter what, trying to spin it up all the way up to the sky.

The right approach to online slots is one of moderation and patience. This kind of approach will keep you in the game indefinitely and you could be playing for years without losing, often even coming out on top quite a bit.

The most important thing to remember is that slots are there for you to have fun and maybe win a bit while doing so. Chasing incredibly high winnings instead can make you lose much more than you wanted to and can make for some very bad feelings, so make sure you avoid such situations and apply the right slots strategy when going into an online casino.

Free Online Pokies Win Real Money

Online Slots Strategies

These are a few basic strategies to always keep in mind when playing online slots. Remember to always apply these strategies when you sit down to play slots. They should help you win on a more consistent basis and ultimately have a better experience with online slots in general.

Picking The Game: Picking the slot to play is one of the most important decisions you have to make when you log into the online casino. There will often be hundreds of slots on offer, but some simple research will show you that many of them are in fact very low paying games that are not very lucrative to play.

Playing the low payout slots as opposed to high payout slots is a bad strategy at a very basic level and you should always opt for the higher-paying slots. For instance, many video slots have over 98% payout rates, while others may only have 90% or lower. Very basic math dictates which ones you should play but most players are not even aware that there is a difference.

Do your best not to pick slots based on flashiness and crazy sound and video effects as these are often used to lure people in to play the low paying online slots. Browse the games, check out the reviews and find the games that objectively pay the highest in the long run. A 2% edge is not that hard to turn around, while a 12% edge is much more difficult to beat.

Managing Your Bankroll: Another big thing with playing any gambling game including online slots is to make sure you have enough money for what you are playing. If you bat $2 per spin and have a $200 bankroll, chances are you will go broke pretty fast. Sure enough, you could win that massive jackpot and have one heck of a story to tell, but much more likely is you will bust within half an hour and be left without cash and having not had too much fun at all.

Make up a wagering plan and stick to it. Keep betting within your wagering limits and pick the best slots to make sure your money lasts as long as possible. This way you will have the best chance of winning and won�t go broke before you have even started.

Avoid Massive Jackpots: There are two sides to every coin. While massive progressive or standard jackpots in a slot game do mean you could win life changing money, for most people they will only mean higher variance. This is to say that unless you win the jackpot, which is highly unlikely, other payouts will usually be fairly low and will cut through your bankroll like a hot knife through butter.

Instead of playing slots with massive jackpots, playing the lower variance slots where payouts are less progressive and there are no huge payouts to speak of is much more likely to keep you winning on a consistent basis and not losing your bankroll in a single unlucky session.

Know When To Quit: A very important part to winning at slots is knowing when to quit. Way too often you will see player start losing and instead of quitting to do something else, clearly seeing it�s just not his night, increase his stake and lose his entire bankroll. Don�t let this happen to you!

Make sure you know exactly what you want to bet and how high you want to play. Don�t increase or decrease your bets based on how you are doing in the game and keep your play consistent. This way you are more likely to have consistent results as well and far less likely to have a sleepless night following a slots session that was supposed to be fun.


If you play them right, online slots can be extremely fun and exciting. Apply the several simple strategies we recommend and we promise you that you will have a ton of fun and play for a long time even on a limited bankroll. The best part about it is that all our listed online casinos offer lucrative deposit bonuses to all new customers, so you will easily be able to play with two or even three times as much money as you deposit, making the fun last even longer.

Join one of our casinos today and never have a dull moment in your life again. Play the mobile versions of our partner casinos and enjoy the fun at home or on the go all day, any day.



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Why wouldn't you want to play totally free online Pokies Win Real Money at the very same time you relax from your work? Some individuals are so busy that they do not have time to appreciate themselves. However, with online texas hold'em games, you can enjoy on your own while still making money!

A great deal of people wish to play on-line Pokies with real money, but do not have sufficient money for it. With some on the internet texas hold'em web sites, you can place complimentary bets with actual money. You can make great cash through these free Pokies real money gambling establishments. Exactly how?

They offer the very same features that the real money sites do. You can quickly place wagers utilizing real cash. All you need is an e-mail address.

If you desire to play totally free online Pokies Win Real Cash for just $1, you will be required to download and install among the texas hold'em games. The software program will certainly download instantly as well as you will certainly have the ability to start playing as soon as possible.

These sites require you to join them prior to you can play. It is important to have an e-mail account to ensure that you can obtain your video game materials and also access to the online casino poker rooms.

When you join, you will certainly be offered a set of regulations and laws for a players' game or hand. It is needed to abide by the regulations. This will certainly help you be familiar with the playing guidelines and guidelines of these online gambling enterprises.

See to it that you review and comprehend everything. You additionally need to make a decision whether you would love to sign up with one of the recreation room or otherwise.

You ought to additionally be careful click here now if you are utilizing PayPal. PayPal is an e-wallet that you have to use in your registration.

Considering that PayPal as well as your e-mail address are linked, you will certainly have to call PayPal every time you would love to withdraw money from our website the internet site. If you do not, you will certainly not have the ability to play any longer.

One more point to keep in mind regarding online casino poker - ensure that you download the video game properly. Some sites don't supply games for the PC, rather, they offer games for the computer.

As you recognize, the primary function of online texas hold'em is to make a fast as well as very easy profits. Recognize rip-offs and pay useful source a little to avoid obtaining scammed.

These are some pointers that will certainly help you learn how to play free online Pokies win genuine cash. Enjoy the video game!


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